(15 months to 24 months)

Transitioning from the infant stage to the toddler stage may sometimes be a little difficult for both parents and children. Children transition to one nap a day, from a crib to a cot, from high chairs to lower tables and chairs and from bottles to sippies and regular cups. It’s a new opportunity for exploration and adventure. They start taking their first steps towards independence. Its delightful to see and hear their attempts to talk and enter into conversations.

Our teachers make all these transitions a fun and smooth experience for our toddlers with patience and love. Understanding and coping with the frequent and mood swings of a toddler is crucial. At The Children’s Center of Lake Forest, we contribute to their enthusiasm through art, music and language building activities with rhymes and finger plays.

Teachers provide parents with a daily report to inform them about diaper changing, meals, naptime and activities of the day.