Two Year-Olds

Two year-olds are in a stage of more curiosity, imagination and creativity. They are so eager to explore and acquire new knowledge. They start to engage more in parallel play since they are acquiring new language skills and motor ability. As their retention skills continue to develop, our teachers apply great emphasis on a lot of repetition of letters, numbers, colors and shapes. We strive to increase in developing their self-esteem positively through frequent praise and encouragement. Our teachers help our children acquire language skills through rhymes, fingerplays and songs. We help children develop confidence through encouragement of self-help skills and independence.

Our staff at The Children’s Center of Lake Forest work hand in hand with parents through daily reports and communication especially through the potty training process when the child demonstrates readiness. Potty Training is a huge achievement at this stage so we try to make it a fun experience. We also reinforce and practice table manners and healthy hygiene habits.